Lions clothing

This is the list of items that Lions or Lions’ families can order.  It is not for the general public.

The colour for Stowmarket Lions is Navy blue, except white shirt.

Price includes Authorised Logo, and name (optional).

please indicate size from small, medium large and XL when ordering.


Please contact the Lion Tamer via email to order :


RG042                    Coat            £71.94


FR104             Rugby Shirt         £35.94



RX101             T Shirt                  £15.54



FB1902          Sweatshirt             £37.14



RX200            Jumper                 £28.74



RG122            Fleece                    £28.74


RG115            Fleece Gilet          £26.34



Henbury 510      Shirt                    £34.74



RC084            Baseball cap           £8.34



RC929                    Hat                   £8.34



PR750                 Tie                                £11.94




Coat R207X                                                                                                      £47.94