Welcome Lion President Kevin

Stowmarket Lions welcome their new President for 2019-2020.  Kevin Parker took over the chain of office at the end of June and introduced his new team, which includes some who have been members of the Club for some years as well as some of the newer members.  All are keen to get on with the job of providing unmatched community service in and around Stowmarket.

Lions President Kevin Parker (centre) pictured with his new team for 2019‑20.  From left: Andy Manning (outgoing President), Jonathan Pearce, Tony Wass, Jonathan French, Mike Anderson, then Andrew Ward, Peter Smith, Keith Cooper, Roger Wallis, Andrew Bingham, Clive Penton and Chris Philpot.

This is Kevin’s second term as President, having previously held the office in 2014.  He has also previously been Fundraising Chairman and instrumental in helping the Club achieve the milestone £1,000,000 total raised since it was formed in 1980.

Big shot

Ivan wins the prize. This was the prize for the person who could make the most progress, next time.

Our president won top prize with a very significant score 9 out of 12.

Matt taking aim
The sun was lovely but really did they have to put the trap there?
I didn’t mean it Doug, honest! The all important gun fitting.
Peter off to a good start.
President Kevin showing his winning style!
Royston looking for the difficult crossing birds.
The high birds ought to have been easy if you waited long enough but not too long!
Liz getting into the swing.
A bit of post mortem analysis.
Top Gun (and a bottle) went to President Kevin with a score of 9/12
And the ladies prize to Liz.
Ivan got a prize too!
Thanks and a bottle to the hosts and coaches.
Thanks for their time – and patience!