Social events

A programme secretary is appointed each year from the membership who will draw up a varied calendar of activities to meet the needs of all tastes. Activities include:


A visit to Felixstowe for a healthy competition in catching the most crabs. No crabs are hurt. We then follow this with a meal at a suitable pub

Guest speakers

anything from an eye witness to the Chernobyl disaster to Suffolk wild life trust. We have had speakers about the Cold war, and in 2019 Air Commodore will be talking to us.

Visit to interesting places

We visit a number of local businesses, gardens and places of local interest. in 2020 we visted Bawdsey Radar station.

A visit to see the Apaches on an open day

A variety of visits

A wine tasting evening,

pit your wits against someone in the know.

Charter night

An annual dinner dance to celebrate the formation of the club